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M-Power-U Life Coaching Pty Ltd is a registered company in Australia (ACN 127742161).



Within us all are the tools and the potential that we require to build the ideal life that we desire. Life Coaching is about showing people how to unlock their natural resources and start taking steps forward.


Creating a conscious awareness of our behaviors and habits allows us to be able to implement the changes required to delete or change those that may be hindering our progress in life.


Improving on something each day (even just 1%) can allow us to create great things for ourselves and others.



M-Power-U Life Coaching is committed to helping our customers by using the best in available skills and techniques so that they may succeed in all avenues in life.


Our level of excellence in customer service, quality instruction, integrity and honesty will afford every individual the opportunity to learn and grow.


We continuously challenge ourselves to be the best in every aspect of our business, to be strong yet flexible so that we can embrace change and remain at the front of the field.


Our aim is to encourage and enable more people to take control of their lives financially, physically and mentally.


Get empowered today...for life.


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